Cuan-Dancing Jesus Scroll

This is a backlog King’s award of Excellence from Cuan II, I think.

Exemplar is book of Kells.

Gold paint, ink, and gouache on pergamenata. I tried to use the plastic raised gilding and ruined a piece of perg.

This was my second Book of Kells scroll.

I showed the first one to Mistress Mara, who was entertainingly awesome with her critique.

“This knot work here, you traced it, and painted around it, right?”


Head shake, “Nope. Need to paint the background and then freehand the knot work.”

So on this one the knot work is all chalked in freehand after the background painting and then inked in gold. It gave me fits, but looks better.

This was displayed at Atlantian Twelfth Night. Jan 2017. Not entered into any competition. Then shipped off to the recipient.