The Coat: Hrefna


This is the contract that I made in plaster of paris, and then made my Peer break over her peer’s knee. Much drama.

We, Ragnar and Lynette, Pelicans of Atlantia, do enter into a contract with Hrefna, being her advocates in her service to our Kingdom of Atlantia.

I, Hrefna, do put myself in contract with Ragnar and Lynette, Pelicans of Atlantia, taking their guidance during my journey in service to our Kingdom of Atlantia.

Oct 2018


This is the Scroll I made for her. It is a viking style coat in 100% wool, with silk lining. Embroidered in a scandinavian braided chain stitch in linen (mostly) with a zoomorphic pelican motif at the hem designed and used with permission from this nice lady ( The pelican is worked in a combination of linen and wool in a variety of stitches.


It also has words. Based on the poetic eddas.

Hail to Atlantia!! | a guest has come;

Where shall a stranger sit?

To the left of the king,  their travels to sing

Hopes of peace to be earned with their wit


Fire they need, who with frozen knees

Have come from the cold there without;

Food and clothes they must have, 

here warmth and here peace

The wanderer at Ymir has alit.


Water and towels, and welcoming speech

Should be found, who have come to the feast;


If renown would be sought, | and again here be greeted,

Wisely and well must they  act.

Wits must kept,  who wanders wide,


But rest easy in the hall of this king;


For present here in,

      Hrefna in rauda Thorgrimsdottir,

      Fearless, hard working, and keen.


Over her heart the bird of service does brood,

And fills up the souls of us all;

With the raven’s red feathers, here  fettered we stay

And in forge-fired house there were held.


Signy, the bold, with full heart she knows

A faithful servant’s precedence.

Under this coat of pelican’s reverence

States Cuan, the brave, she will stay from this year till valhalla.
(Bold is actually embroidered on the coat. Rune translation from


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