Mistress Morderyn’s Laurel


Ink on pergamenata- shellac based Winsor Newton ink because it draws better than period ink. Mapping quills, all done in dip pen, calligraphy with a small flat nib. Hand is roughly Fraktur, appropriate to the late German exemplar.


Based on Licht der Zeevaert


“The picture shows the sciences which make seafaring possible: In the middle, under the light of knowledge, a teacher points at globes and maps. On the left side, Neptune, the god of water and the sea, on the right Aeolus, the ruler of the winds”, “Sailing handbook, showing the following navigational equipment on the book frontispiece: compass, hourglass, mariner’s astrolabe, terrestrial and celestial globes, divider, Jacob’s staff and astrolabe.”IMG_1372.jpg

Our text reads (Translation by Sarah Rose):

Die Schaffung von Kunst im Dienste des Traums ist eine der Säulen unseres Reiches und unserer Gesellschaft. Wir, Amos, König durch das Recht der Arme von Atlantia, und Kara unsere schönste Königin, haben Mistress—, gefunden, wieder in der Notwendigkeit oder Anerkennung für ihre unermüdliche Hingabe an und Lehre der Künste, ihre Arbeiten zu erhöhen Fair Atlantia die Standards immer höher. So, Ehrung ihrer Leistung und Leidenschaft, wir jetzt begrüßen Sie in den Orden des Laurel. Auch wir, verleihen ihr die folgenden Waffen durch Briefe Patent:Gold ein Drachen Abkantung nach links, Flügel angezeigt, blau, Beibehaltung in der Basis mit seinem Schwanz ein lateinisches Kreuz Botanik schwarz, ein Chief umkämpften Checky schwarz und Silber, Dazu setzen wir unsere Hände an diesem 24. Februar, AS LII, bei unserem Turnier von Ymir.

The creation of art in service to the dream is one of the pillars of our Kingdom and our Society. We, Amos, King by right of arms of Atlantia, and Kara Our most splendid Queen, have found Mistress Morderyn Tremayne, to be again in need of recognition for her unstinting devotion to, and teaching of the arts, her labors raising fair Atlantia’s standards ever higher. Thus, honoring her achievement and passion, do we now welcome her into the Order of the laurel. Also do We, award her the following Arms by letters patent: Or a dragon secant to sinister, wings displayed, azures, maintaining in base with its tail a latin cross botany sable, A chief embattled cheeky sable and argent, with sole and exclusive rights to bear these arms throughout the Knowne World. To this we set our Hands on this 24th day of February, AS LII, at Our Tournament of Ymir.

In Progress pictures:

Where the gods Neptune and Aeolus were left in situ due to her having studied at the Air Force Academy, and being a proud Marine wife, the intelligencia at the bottom were traded out for notable people in her household and family. The light at the top was also exchanged for her arms with pelican and new Laurel wreath.IMG_1363.jpgIMG_1362.jpg


Above (Left to right): Son In-Law Mike, Daughter Gwen, Husband Tom, Friend Kiegan, Son SidIMG_1376.jpg

Above: Mooselodge founder Forgall. Background- Countess Lynette, Duke Ragnar. Foreground- Duke Anton, Dutchess Luned.IMG_1374.jpg

Above: Forgall, Lynette/Ragnar in sketch, Anton/Luned, Bryce De Byram (in a silly hat), Duke Cuan, Countess Signy, Yarla ThoraIMG_1373.jpg

Above: Anton & Luned


Above: ForgallIMG_1348.jpg