Mistierin Gisela’s Baronial Award of Excellence


Exemplar: Egerton Book of Hours Wolfgang Beurer (15thc.)

This was a Backlog, entered into a War of the Wings Equestrian themed competition and won. Yay.

Ductus ransom-note style courtesy of THL Geffrei, who teaches a great Making a Ductus from your Exemplar class. I would call this an intermediate scribe class. I was a little lost when I took it. I was in the process of drafting my very first scroll at the time.

Hooray documentation!

Prize Design for Crecy IV

These were meant to be cast in metal, based off of French and English extant currency from the period.

I carved the positive out of stamping rubber so that it could be sand cast.

It didn’t work, and had to be completely redesigned, but still pretty in concept.


Lord Gawain’s Award of the PhoenixPyrite


Based on Woodcut of a werewolf attack by Lucas Cranach der Ältere, 1512


As Lord Gawain is a wild and crazy dude who works with children, the award being for insanity, this seemed very appropriate.

I love that the ground is littered with body parts.

Ink, dip pen, on perg. I think it’s 5×7 or so. The text is Fraktur-ish.

This took a concentrated 4-5 hrs to complete, but was a small relatively simple design, for a close friend.

Googling “Medieval Insanity Werewolf” is an excellent rabbit hole.


Cuan-Dancing Jesus Scroll

This is a backlog King’s award of Excellence from Cuan II, I think.

Exemplar is book of Kells.

Gold paint, ink, and gouache on pergamenata. I tried to use the plastic raised gilding and ruined a piece of perg.

This was my second Book of Kells scroll.

I showed the first one to Mistress Mara, who was entertainingly awesome with her critique.

“This knot work here, you traced it, and painted around it, right?”


Head shake, “Nope. Need to paint the background and then freehand the knot work.”

So on this one the knot work is all chalked in freehand after the background painting and then inked in gold. It gave me fits, but looks better.

This was displayed at Atlantian Twelfth Night. Jan 2017. Not entered into any competition. Then shipped off to the recipient.

Lord Aline’s Order of the Sacred Stone

IMG_0975.jpgBased on:

brewing joerg-preumaisterAbb. 8: Jorg Prewmaister,
Mendel Band I (1437), Seite 60

One can see the brewing kettle with two rings attached to the sides plus two wooden vats.

Our Lord Aline is a brewer of great skill.

Ink and gouache on pergamenata.

This monk didn’t own a straight edge, so I had to straighten out the framing lines so it didn’t look funny next to a modern mat.

Wow, that’s coming up on a year old.

He liked it, it hangs in his dining room.