The Coat: Hrefna


This is the contract that I made in plaster of paris, and then made my Peer break over her peer’s knee. Much drama.

We, Ragnar and Lynette, Pelicans of Atlantia, do enter into a contract with Hrefna, being her advocates in her service to our Kingdom of Atlantia.

I, Hrefna, do put myself in contract with Ragnar and Lynette, Pelicans of Atlantia, taking their guidance during my journey in service to our Kingdom of Atlantia.

Oct 2018


This is the Scroll I made for her. It is a viking style coat in 100% wool, with silk lining. Embroidered in a scandinavian braided chain stitch in linen (mostly) with a zoomorphic pelican motif at the hem designed and used with permission from this nice lady ( The pelican is worked in a combination of linen and wool in a variety of stitches.


It also has words. Based on the poetic eddas.

Hail to Atlantia!! | a guest has come;

Where shall a stranger sit?

To the left of the king,  their travels to sing

Hopes of peace to be earned with their wit


Fire they need, who with frozen knees

Have come from the cold there without;

Food and clothes they must have, 

here warmth and here peace

The wanderer at Ymir has alit.


Water and towels, and welcoming speech

Should be found, who have come to the feast;


If renown would be sought, | and again here be greeted,

Wisely and well must they  act.

Wits must kept,  who wanders wide,


But rest easy in the hall of this king;


For present here in,

      Hrefna in rauda Thorgrimsdottir,

      Fearless, hard working, and keen.


Over her heart the bird of service does brood,

And fills up the souls of us all;

With the raven’s red feathers, here  fettered we stay

And in forge-fired house there were held.


Signy, the bold, with full heart she knows

A faithful servant’s precedence.

Under this coat of pelican’s reverence

States Cuan, the brave, she will stay from this year till valhalla.
(Bold is actually embroidered on the coat. Rune translation from


Master Robear: Pelican


In which I was asked to provide a backlog to go with a spouse’s scroll from the Winchester Bible.img_2414

This is, I’m told, Mistress Brig’s work. As pages with inhabited capitals are often opposite pages with more illumination, I hope this suits, and look like pages from the same book.


Ink and gouache on pergamenata, gold leaf.img_2413img_2411img_2410img_2409img_240859546936409__e6fda86d-2644-4953-ae01-6118e91b463cimg_2406img_2405img_2404m619rimg_2416img_2417img_2419img_2420

The Window: Philomene de Lis


The artisans of Atlantia are pearls, Rare in their authenticity , adding mysterious beauty to the few who can recognize and appreciate their worth. We Christoph and Adelhait, knowing Philomene de Lys, induct her into the order of the pearl with the following arms: Azure, a fleur-de-lys between flauches Or, each charged with a rod of Aesclepius azure.

Verum est: Eldred

Christoph Koenig

Adelhait Konigin


Admittedly, this is a little tongue in cheek. The recipient is whovian, and I love the medieval window with the TARDIS and River Song’s journal in it. Not having time to get real glass cut (in spite of my stained glass laurel) I painted it. Featured are her son & husband, Their Royal Highnesses and Majesties with the recipient, and members of her house. They are dressed in the garb that she made for the WOW garb challenge when the theme was Dr Who. Faces are really hard.img_2193-1img_2194-1img_2195-1img_2197-1img_2196-1img_2198-1img_2199-1img_2200-1img_2201-1img_2203-1img_2202-1img_2204-1

The Globe: Caterina de Paulo


The Earth and Sky are held ever apart by the efforts of titans.

Tireless through trials, never shirking, never shrugging, always striving for the stars. It is the privilege of monarchs to recognize the invaluable work of these heros. 

We, Christoph and Adelhait, rulers by right of arms do this day, with joyful hearts,  acknowledge the inexhaustible industry of Caterina de Paulo, Atlantia’s Atlas, by making her a Baroness of Our court, At border skirmishes, 25 september AS LIV

Christoph Konig, Adelhait, Konigin


A standard globe was sanded and the landmasses filled with gesso. As this was based loosely on the Atlas Farnese ( I wanted the earth below the sky. Not being able to make my original plan, fluffy renditions of “constellations” of the Knowne World mascots, actually happen, I ended up with the night sky. So I found a way to lay the stars in the sky in the proper places for the date of the award. Each constellation is placed appropriately with individual pieces of glitter.img_2236img_2235img_2233img_2230img_2229img_2228img_2227img_2222img_2219img_2154

The Mirror: Margaret Lad


This was so hard!

The Lady in question always looks like she stepped out of a portrait. So the scroll had to be period. We wanted a mirror. The majority of small mirrors in period pictures are very plain. I needed period, not plain.


My dear husband came up with the text, referencing both ancient and Elizabethan sources.


te Kallistēi.  (for the fairest)



Was this the face that launched a thousand ships and burned the topless towers at Illium? O, thou art fairer than the evening air, clad in the beauty of a thousand stars. And as Greece loved Helen, so do we love Margaret Lad, thus making her this day a baroness of our court. Christoph/ Adelhait Pennisc


Also you evidently get to see my hand and feet in these photos.

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor: Effiwalt

War. Terrible war.  This was the uprising that rocked our land.

17 Baronies rebelled against the country that fed them… loved them… protected them…

Brother turned on brother until nothing remained.

And then came the peace… Hard fought… Sorely won. 

A people rose up from the ashes. And a new era was born.

But freedom has a cost… When the traitors were defeated, we swore as a nation we would never know this treason again…

And so it was decreed that each year, the various Baronies would offer up in tribute nobles, to fight to the in a pageant of honor, courage and sacrifice.


The lone victor, bathed in glory, would serve as monarch, as a reminder of our generosity and our forgiveness.

 And on Our coronation day, a Noble in the person of  Efenwealt Wystle , gave his all to his queen, in service to the Our Fair Atlantia. This unpeered indulgence to the Queen is rewarded with her Royal token, the Undine.

This is how we remember our past.

This is how we safeguard our future


Adelhait, Koningin


Effenwalt thrilled the kingdom as Effiwalt, for the coronation celebration of Christoph and Adelheit. For that service, an Undine.


As the Hunger Games were largely featured in the festivities, I started thinking about “may the odds be ever in your favor.” This led me to finding an artifact in the British Museum of loaded dice. A metal container, filled with a number of loaded dice, some had only odd or even numbers, some were weighted. This seemed perfect.


However, Effenwalt being a musician, and sheer silliness on my part led me to make this a music box. When the lid is lifted it plays Katniss’s whistle.


During the presentation, Her Majesty quieted the crowd, and lifted the lid. Spontaneously, as they listened, the stood and raised 3 fingers. I still tear up thinking about it. Shivers.img_2112img_2111img_2110img_2109img_2108img_2106img_2093img_2092

The Fan: Court Baroness, Marguerite de Vienne

This follows the skull in spirit, as it was built as a companion piece. The text is also based on Tennyson, but with a less warlike bent. The Lady is a dancer, and a feathered fan was requested by the crown. Many feathered fans existed in late period. QEI had many herself.

The stand I built for the fan is the jawbone from the skull.


The paper is a Chinese red tissue laminated together with modpodge to an almost pergamenata texture. A mixture of red feathers tied and glued and sewn onto the back.



Then on a summer night it came to pass,

With the great court arrayed along the hall

That the king should sit upon his chair, Christoph,

Atlantia’s knight and king by Right, should note

His Adelhait.

The King arose and went to his sighing wife,

“A Rose, My Rose, Oh wondrous fair,

What darkens your brow, all creased with care?”


Then with a slow smile turned the Queen round

And looked upon the populace,

And spread that slow smile through all her company.

The heat of pride and glory fired her face, her eyes sparkled,

And proclaimed, “My Companion.

My confidant, my co-conspirator.

I find in thee the shining of the stars.

I make in thee the knowledge of the kingdom and the secrets of the age.


Marguerite, thus summoned, knelt meekly there,

And her face shone like the countenance of a priestess

Of Old against the flame about a sacrifice kindled by the fire

From heaven, so glad was she.


Then the Queen looked upon her lover, and he on her,

And each foresaw the glorious days to come,

And she caught the circlet from off his lance,

And before the people crowned,

A Baroness of the Court.


Looking pridefully, with wide green eyes,

Joyfully regarded her through tears,

Both for Themselves and those who call them friend,

They stood before the throne,

With trumpets blowing,

Gazed upon the maid, crowned with gold,

With pearls adorned;

His wish by Hers echoed,

“Marguerite de Vienne,

Baroness of Atlantia!”


Christoph, Koenig   Adelhait, Koningen Pennsic XLVII